Service and Maintenance

Our reputation has given us the ability and opportunity to become a service and maintenance provider. Whereas most companies solely maintain their own products, we pride ourselves on conjunctly providing maintenance and calibration services to both external and in-house complex systems and products. Due to our superior technical support services we have acquired over a 75 recognized clients of whom receive ongoing maintenance and service agreements.

 Selected clients and contracts:

Israel Defense Forces

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – The Israel Defense Forces is Israel’s military force and are well known for their anti-terrorism tactics.

A2Z has several long term contracts with the IDF to service, maintain and calibrate a variety of specialized technological systems and electronic equipment.

Israeli Police

Israel Police – Is Israel’s police force. Its duties include the prevention of crime and civil disobedience, traffic control, counter-terrorism, and generally maintaining public safety.

A2Z provides maintenance and services to all refrigeration systems in the Israel Police under a long term contract. In addition A2Z has maintenance agreements for the maintenance and service of special equipment used by the division of identification and forensic science department of the Israel police.

Israel Railways

Israel Railways is a government-owned company responsible for transporting passengers and cargo all over the country.

A2Z has a long term service contract with the Israel Railway Company which consists of maintenance and services of complex electronic systems.

Electric company (Israel)

Israel Electric Company (IEC) – IEC is the largest provider of electricity in Israel, serving over 2.6 million customers. The company generates and transmits electricity across the State of Israel in addition to building the necessary infrastructure.

A2Z has a service and maintenance contract with the IEC whereby A2Z serves and maintains all power supply chargers in power-plants nationwide.