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Cust2Mate’s smart cart which enables shoppers to checkout automatically without having to pass through the cashier, unload and reload their purchases by simply allowing the customer to “pick&go“.

Fuel Tank Intelligent Containment System (“FTICS“)

Fuel Tank Interia Capsule System eliminates the risk of fuel tank combustion in the event of collision – preventing serious harm to passengers and fatalities

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Our portable electrical generator is made as an “Energy Smart Pack”.

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Revolutionising the automotive industry

 The FTICS (Fuel Tank Inertia Capsule System)

Fuel tank combustion of a vehicle poses a serious threat to passenger safety. Such combustion may be due to a collision, penetration of the fuel tank by a projectile, exterior fire, and so on. Consequently, the need is for an effective fire prevention safety system for vehicles. Each year, from 2014 to 2016, an estimated 171,500 highway vehicle fires occurred in the United States, resulting in an annual average of 345 deaths; 1,300 injuries; and $1.1 billion in property loss.

Look Inside

Discover FTICS

Look Inside

Discover FTICS

The FTICS is a patented 3-part system that deploys in the event of a vehicle collision.

On collision, the FTICS releases a proprietary chemical mixture into the gas tank, neutralizing the contents rendering them inert and nonflammable. The gas tank is also isolated to ensure none of the contents leak. The final component of the FTICS system forces all the oxygen out of the gas tank to further limit the possibility of fire. The FTICS requires no additional sensors as it is triggered by the same sensors that trigger the deployment of the vehicle’s airbag.

The system represents the first time that fire protection from tank combustion has been offered.

A2Z believes that there will be pressure to adopt the system widely, thereby countering a strong threat to drivers and their passengers which exists today The two-pronged approach to the rollout of the FTICS are the retrofit for existing vehicles, our longer-term strategy is to become mandatory in vehicles or an available option for new vehicles

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