Maintenance & Technical Support

Superior ISO 9001 certified technical support services and long-term relationships with demanding customers, handling and calibrating A2Z products as well as those of other manufacturers.

Security and Military

Robust, dedicated robotics and UGV’s for the military, HLS and first-responders that handle everything from terrorism, urban warfare and bomb disposal to live-saving fire-fighting missions, keeping personnel out of harm’s way.

Portable Energy

Lightweight, portable Smart Energy Packs for military and civilian use, employing advanced technology to produce electricity, wherever and whenever it’s needed. Power on-the-go, suitable for homes, offices or in-the-field.

Automotive Safety

The revolutionary FTICS Fuel Tank Inertia Capsule System that activates automatically to eliminate the danger of fuel tank combustion in collisions, saving lives and reducing damage.

Retail Solutions

Cust2Mate’s ‘pick and go’ smart cart streamlines the shopping experience with automatic check-out, enabling customers to bypass cashier lines, while providing enhanced security and control for store managers.