C-Suite At The Open: Arye Baron, Vice President of Business Development, A2Z Technologies Canada, tells his Company’s Story. Filmed on April 13, 2020

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About A2Z Technologies Canada (TSXV: AZ)

A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. is considered to be one of the top innovative technology companies in Israel— providing products to the Israeli Defense and Security Forces—specializing in military unmanned robotics and state-of-the-art automation and electronics technology.

For over 30 years A2Z has been working closely and collaborating with the Israeli government (e.g., Israel Defense Forces, Israel Police, Ministry of Defense, etc.) in order to engineer, produce and maintain complex electronic systems, and unmanned robotic platforms. A2Z is a financially sound company with stable cash flow, owed to its long term contracts with governmental agencies and various large corporations.

By employing our knowledge of technology innovation and business strategy we intend to expand our reach into civilian markets and to create durable, lifesaving everyday products with the highest military engineering grade.

A2Z is currently concentrating its business efforts on expanding our existing client base by adaptation of our technology and products to the civilian industries as well as developing new products that will revolutionize the automotive industry by creating durable, lifesaving everyday products with the highest military engineering grade.

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